These are the four most common ways people find an insurance agent.

  1. Referral from a friend
  2. Internet search
  3. Advertisement
  4. Unsolicited mail advert

All these common sources have one “next step” that will occur in every instance.

The prospect will look you up on Google and on Facebook.

On Google, they will see all the other insurance agents located near their location.

Today, prospects have so many options.

How are prospects supposed to choose one agent over another?

According to a Nielsen report, over 70% of people choose based on the displayed online reviews.

Even with a personal recommendation, people still tend to favor listings with those gold stars from online reviews. Consumers rely on the feedback to help them choose who to call for a quote.

online reviews

Insurance Agent Reviews

Google Maps provides more inbound calls to insurance agents than any other source. Facebook search ranks right behind Google in terms of generating new leads from inbound calls.

Both Google and Facebook have complex algorithms that determine how a local business will rank when someone searches for insurance products and services online.

Ranking in Google Maps relies heavily on not only the sheer number of reviews your insurance agency receives, but also (and more importantly) how frequent the last review was received.

Facebook likewise, will rank your agency’s Facebook business page higher in their search results based on the number and freshness of reviews left on your page.

Use Clients’ Testimonials To Sell More Policies

Positive online reviews provide you with a reliable form of referrals that will increase your credibility and visibility as the “go to” insurance agent in your community.

The best marketing content is written by your customers, especially if it is a positive review left on Google or Facebook. Online reviews never expire. And, if you should happen to get a less than stellar review, new positive reviews push any negative reviews down and out of sight.

However, if you don’t maintain consistent new reviews, those negative reviews move back up in visibility.

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