Fact – Video Delivers More Leads & Sales

Did you know that a one minute video can relay the same level of information that would otherwise take millions of written words to get across?  The power of online YouTube videos have helped local businesses of all sizes reach a wider audience, build brand recognition and significantly increase sales.

Why? Simply because consumers today love watching online videos. They grab attention and when done right they hold attention long enough to convert those viewers into buyers. Add to that fact that videos show up higher in the search results and it is easy to see why video marketing can be your ticket to more exposure, higher conversions, and increased revenue.

But, getting there can be a struggle. Our team of video marketing experts specializes in creating captivating videos. Helping you get eyes on them with our proven optimization and distribution techniques. If you’re fed up with ineffective marketing strategies and want to invest into something that actually delivers results; contact us today.

The Top 5 Reasons You Need A Video in 2017

local video marketing with YouTube videos

Video Commercials Get Your Business Phone Ringing

  • Video forces your prospect to hear your entire pitch
    Eye movement and scroll heatmaps consistently show the same results: readers do not read your website or Facebook posts from start to finish the way you intended them to. With video, your prospect will hear your entire pitch of why to buy from you. This increases sales conversions.
  • Video sells over multiple modalities
    Video allows you to combine reading with visual cues and audio to get your sales message across. This is important, as not every prospect responds to the same methods (modalities) of communication. Some respond great to written communication, some respond better to audio communication, while others are visual and respond best to visual communication. Video allows you to capture all of these.
  • Video allows you to communicate non-verbally
    Psychologists say as much as 75% of our communication is nonverbal. That includes body language, the tone of voice, and other vocal inflections. All of this communication is lost in the written word. However, with video all of your vocal inflections are kept intact. Any good salesman would tell you that 90% of the sale not about what you say, but how it’s said.
  • Video pulls your viewer into a trusting state of mind
    It is much easier to pull your prospect into a state of curiosity, desire, and urgency with video than it is with the written word. The sounds, visuals, and vocal tonalities we will use will interrupt whatever state your buyer was in previously, and pull them into your video with curiosity and desire. Something that is nearly impossible to do with a static website.
  • Video is 4 times more likely to be consumed than text
    The average web visitor will spend 4 times as much time-consuming video content when compared to written content online.

Video Commercials Position You As The Local Expert

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Online Video Marketing Benefits

Local marketing has changed and local small businesses need to be able to constantly adapt or they will quickly lose market share. The days when a business could just advertise in the Yellow Pages and the local newspaper to generate leads and foot traffic are gone.

Consumers are online. They are watching videos. They are on social media sites and they are mobile. Most people don’t realize that YouTube is considered a social media network.

YouTube is the 2nd fastest way for a local business to get on the first page of Google. (The #1 way is with Google maps optimization).

Behind Google (which owns YouTube), YouTube is the number one way to get found online when people are searching for the product or services you sell.

Video Marketing is a powerful tool to help local businesses position themselves as the local expert.

With YouTube being owned by Google, a well-optimized video has an excellent chance of getting ranked high on Google.

If you have a professional video marketing expert help you, you are guaranteed a first page listing of your video on Google. Bing and Yahoo also love videos and will put your video on page one of their search listing as well.

Video ViewsVideo Views – Consumers will always watch a video instead of reading a text. This means your message will be viewed by more consumers than any other type of advertising.
User ExperienceUser Experience – Using videos enables consumers to find you first instead of your competitors. More views mean more leads which give your business the opportunity to convert more sales.
Consumer AttentionAttention – Forrester researchers revealed that a video is worth 1.8 million words. Consumers searching online would rather watch a video to get the information they are seeking rather than reading multiple paragraphs of text.
BrandingBrandingOnline video marketing not only increases your ability to get more leads, it’s also an extremely cost effective way of building your business brand and online authority.

Online Video Marketing Example

Local Marketing Life-Cycle

Local small businesses need to think in terms of life-cycle marketing. Customer acquisition is important, but truly successful marketing requires appealing to customers throughout their relationship with a brand. Doing so, however, is easier said than done.

Online Videos can help. Fifty-two percent of marketers worldwide believe that video is the platform that yields the best content marketing return on investment (ROI), and advances in technology mean that marketers can create video content in real time and to fit their specific needs, saving money and improving targeting. Add to that improvement in data measurement and content tracking, and video is looking better than ever.

It’s common sense that consumers respond better to videos that apply to them, and the data proves it. Eighty percent of viewers watch individually targeted videos all the way to the end, and 90 percent have a positive experience doing so. That’s why personalization is so important — and a key part of life-cycle marketing. Personalized smart videos using real-time data about promotions, rewards updates, and account statements for existing customers are more engaging and deliver a more memorable experience to the viewer, helping with retention and loyalty. Personalization in the opening scenes draws the viewer in and retains viewer attention throughout the video, ending with a relevant call to action. source

Understanding Online Video Marketing

What is an online video?
It is a short (60-180 seconds) video that conveys information and value to consumers that are featured on YouTube, Facebook, and your own website. Its purpose is to generate awareness, authority, and leads.

Why do I need an online video?
For leads and brand recognition. A web video is your online and social media commercial with a strong call to action. It is all about qualified leads, leads, and more leads.

There are 2 main types of video formats:

There is the text narrative with background music that brings to focus important information you want to be read that may otherwise be skimmed over and not retained by the reader.

The other and more popular video type are the voice over video. This type can be either a slideshow of images and photographs or what is termed a “talking head video” where an actor (or yourself) is seen speaking on the video. The best type is a combination of images, photographs and a talking head to convey your marketing message.

A big misconception is that internet video marketing is too expensive.
Foot Traffic Solution’s technology and approach has made web video commercials in 2014 very affordable for the local small business.

We have pre-made informational videos for just about every industry. Contact Greg Cook here to see if we have a pre-made online video for your business or profession. Take a look at these video commercials here ==> YouTube Video Marketing by Foot Traffic Solutions.

We additionally have developed a method to have actors appear in and do voice overs for videos we produce for local small businesses.

“Your turn-key web video production and marketing service makes getting a web commercial super easy!”
Adam Hayden – Hayden Recruiters, Inc

People love videos. That’s why videos have become a strong and highly effective local marketing weapon in today’s Internet.

Why Online Video Marketing?

Click Here To Have A Sample Video Commercial Sent To You

It is really quite simple. Online Video marketing means more qualified leads calling you instead of your competitor.

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