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Marketing on Facebook is ripe with mistakes that small business owners make. The biggest mistake is that they don’t try to engage their readers. Sadly, those business owners that make non-engaging posts simply are not seeing the results they expect.

marketing on Facebook

They either write posts that are totally non-relevant to their industry vertical or completely ignore any attempt to get conversions or click-through.

Or, they go in the complete opposite direction and only sell, sell, sell on every post they make.

The trick of marketing on Facebook is to balance your post types so you can properly connect and engage with your customers.

A strategy of balanced post types may seem a daunting and time-consuming chore, but there are ways to make it easy and fast.

Facebook Marketing Suggestions

The biggest challenge small business owners face with a Facebook Marketing strategy is time. The next challenge is creativity about what to post and when to post.

There are two solutions to these challenges:

  1. Take the time to educate yourself, find the tools to provide post material, and schedule the time every day to actually post on Facebook.
  2. Hire Foot Traffic Solutions to do everything for you and not have to lift a finger.

Here is our Facebook Marketing Program

  • Tailored audience and buyer persona identified from a complete social media audit and six-month goal setting.
  • Customizable goals including content, engagement, and posting tailored specifically for the goal selected.
  • The strategy covers online branding, branding guidelines, message tracks, persona, engagement strategy, content strategy, and verticals.
  • Professional content management with blended unique and sourced content provided in a one-month calendar for review and approval at the start of each month.
  • This content includes high-quality graphics, curated articles, and quotes of the day designed to engage and create likes, comments, shares, and new followers.
  • Brand and reputation monitoring.
  • Two Facebook ads created with ad budget recommendation based on goals.
  • Monthly social media report for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter which includes snapshot overview, network growth & reach and engagement.

We have two packages – Basic at $599 per month and Advanced at $799 per month.

It’s not cheap, but what is your time worth and how creative can you be every single day?

If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur – Red Adair

DIY Facebook Marketing

Okay, you don’t want to make the investment to do it right and want to try and save money (see Red Adair’s quote above).

To help you understand the basics of Facebook marketing we have written a handbook to help you learn how to post properly. Click below for more information.

Lead generation using Facebook

Every day you read, hear or learn about good and bad news, funny stories and even updates that may impact your clients. You don’t have to make a special effort to find this information, you just have to pay attention and take notes during the course of your day.

Jot these things down and write 1-2 sentences with a link to the source. It is that simple.

Try to use images with all your Facebook posts. No, don’t post funny cat pictures or irrelevant photos. The purpose of the image is to draw attention to your post which means it has to be relevant while engaging.

If you share a post from another Facebook group or business page you follow, an image attached to that post will automatically follow. Sharing posts from Facebook groups and businesses that you follow in your industry vertical is a good practice and one we encourage. If you think you would be diluting your brand, you would be wrong. Sharing actually will build your online reputation and branding as someone your followers can trust.

Marketing on Facebook With Maximum Engagement

Contact us for a no-obligation review of your Facebook advertising and engagement strategy.

The first step to engaging your followers on Facebook is to ask your followers to do something. Have them take a survey or poll. For example, post 4 or 5 images of a product you sell and ask them which one is their favorite and why. Give them a reward such as a coupon for their answer. Add a gateway function so that they have to Like the survey or share the survey on their wall to receive the coupon.

Post interesting facts and links to articles that are relevant to your industry vertical.

What is your industry vertical? If you are an auto repair shop you are in the automotive industry. In your industry vertical are car manufacturers, auto dealerships, tire manufacturers, etc.

A chiropractor is in the health industry vertical along with dentists, physicians, and health supplement stores.

These interesting posts sprinkled in with some surveys, contests, and sales promotions will give you a well-rounded marketing on Facebook strategy.

Lead generation using Facebook

Marketing on Facebook Best Practices

The best marketing on Facebook practices starts with relevant content and ends with a compelling call to action.

We want to Help – Contact us about our complete Facebook marketing strategy. Call Greg Cook personally at 866-443-1629.

Engage your Facebook followers. Now, does this mean you have to spend tremendous amounts of time writing posts? No, it does not. Most businesses overdo the posting piece of Facebook marketing. Post when you have something relevant to share. That could be once a day, once a week or maybe only a couple of times during the month.

The biggest issue to keep in mind is to not over share. I’m sure you’ve seen the type and we don’t need to elaborate.

Be yourself, keep branding in mind and remember if you don’t care then others won’t either.

Best Practice #1 – Be consistent with your posts. What we mean by consistency is day and time of day. If you’re going to post a “trivia Tuesday” with an answer on Wednesday, then be consistent. Choose if you are going to do a trivia post every Tuesday, every other Tuesday or the 1st Tuesday of every month.

Best Practice #2 – Don’t only post self-promotional posts. Mix your posts up and invite engagement. Remember the surveys we discussed above? Sprinkle those in to determine what is important to your customers. You may just get surprised on what you think is important versus what your customers think is important.

Best Practice #3 – Use Facebook ads to obtain more targeted followers. Facebook ads can be targeted down to some very specific demographics and geographic areas. Don’t be afraid of Facebook ads as they offer a high ROI if you take the time to learn the process, or we can help you.

Best Practice #4 – We debated on ranking this tip number one because it is so powerful. Create exclusive offers only on Facebook where you use a gateway to get the visitor to Like you on Facebook or share your offer via a post on the visitors Facebook timeline in order for them to receive your deal or offer.

Gateway Marketing on Facebook

A Facebook gateway is the process where you create an automated sales funnel.

  1. You engage (entice) the viewer with an offer. This offer can be a coupon, discount or free item.
  2. The visitor will see your image ad or video offer and be asked to click-through to get your deal.
  3. The visitor is taken to your Facebook tab where they are asked to “LIKE” you or instructed to click a call-to-action button.
  4. The visitor is then taken directly to the Facebook permission page (required, yet not an obstacle because the visitor has already been clicking).
  5. After giving permission, the visitor is taken directly to the offer redemption page for gateways set up to increase FB Likes.
  6. For viral sharing campaigns, an additional permission page is displayed by Facebook with your pre-populated share message and post image displayed.
  7. The visitor has the option to add their own comment or just click the okay button. They are then transferred to the offer redemption page.

Here are a couple of skills and tools you will need to set up your Facebook gateway funnel:

  1. Knowledge to create a Tab on your Facebook fan page.
  2. An email capture program. (We highly recommend Get Response over Constant Contact)
  3. An online graphic image editor
  4. Basic HTML coding skills to program the app

Feeling a bit overwhelmed?

We can help you with a custom tailored marketing strategy on Facebook. Call us at 866-443-1629 for a no-obligation review.

Our effective and affordable strategy automatically captures the visitor’s Facebook email address. A Facebook email address is like gold when it comes to marketing ROI. You see, almost everyone uses a real email address (or at least one they regularly check) when setting up their personal Facebook profile.

This means you can create email marketing campaigns with the knowledge that you have a solid email and the comfort knowing that the customer has given you permission to send them emails. This happened during the Facebook permission phases. Additionally, we recommend sending them what is called a double opt-in email. This is all automatically handled for you through the email capture auto-responder software we recommended above.

Eighty-five percent of small businesses leverage Facebook, but most Page owners don’t know how to optimize their brand’s efforts on the network – or even why their businesses are on Facebook in the first place. With a little work your website can get much more traffic through the use of Facebook. source

Viral Marketing on Facebook

Here is the cool trick that turns your local small business Facebook fan page into an astounding lead generation machine using viral marketing on Facebook.

First, we create a graphical offer on a tab on your Facebook fan page.

Viral Marketing on Facebook Offer

FOR ILLUSTRATION ONLY – Link is Non-Functional

Next, We Make The Facebook Promotion Go Viral.
Once the consumer clicks on the link in the graphical ad they go through Facebook to a landing page or email confirmation page (your choice) where they can retrieve the promotional package coupon or offer.

The cool thing about these offers is a post is automatically made on their Facebook wall that will be seen by all their friends and family, inviting them to also take advantage of your promotional offer or coupon.  All 100% automatically done for you – virtually generating tons of qualified leads on auto pilot.

Facebook for local small businesses has never been so powerful to generate massive leads and sales revenues.

Go ahead and try local marketing on Facebook to boost your leads and sales!

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