Here are the top 7 local SEO blunders that can be easily avoided in 2016.

local seoLets face it, local business owners have a ton of things on their to do list each day. It can be incredibly easy to overlook or not be aware of many of the things you need to do for your online presence just to keep up with all the changes going on with Google and the other marketing channels.

So with the goal of doing all we can to prevent having our local search rankings drop out of sight, we’ve assembled 7 easy to make local SEO mistakes in 2016. Here’s hoping you stay away from these mistakes so you can take your business to new levels with consistency.

  1. Not using videos – Videos are often a great tool for ranking easily in YouTube and Google for local keywords. You don’t need to go all Spielberg either; just a basic video that is well-optimized can do the job.
  2. No local content for your readers – If you are serving particular locale, it might be good if it looked like you knew that. Even if you have several locations, including local and, if at all possible, fresh content regularly is an excellent way to get some Google love.
  3. A poor or missing keyword strategy – This is comparable to not having directions for a long journey you are leaving on. You need to know which keywords you would like to rank for, and what your audience is searching for. This can only be done through some effective keyword research.
  4. Lack of, or not enough reviews – This is an extremely important aspect of your local SEO, as it provides you with treasured social proof so necessary for visitors. Don’t be shy about asking some of your satisfied customers for these, as they will often be happy to help.
  5. Varying NAP information – The data you put on all your social media and sites needs to be consistent, with regards to names, addresses and phone numbers. (or other contact info) This is also extremely important for ranking in Google.
  6. Forgetting about social media – This is not time to leave out your social media accounts. Make it simple for readers to share and otherwise help spread your content to all their social media contacts as well.
  7. Not taking mobile seriously – Mobile search is booming, and if you aren’t optimized for mobile, you could be missing out on as much as 48 percent of the local search audience. Invest the time to optimize your mobile site.

How Does Your Websites Local SEO Stack Up?

Your whole goal of having a website is for local consumers to find it when they are searching for your services or products.

If they can’t find you, they can’t purchase from you. That’s where our Akron SEO firm helps you get found everywhere online.

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