Yes, lead generation using social media is a real thing for local small businesses.

Most local small business owners fall into two social media myth categories:

  1. They just don’t believe social media will work for lead generation.
  2. They think it won’t work because they don’t know how to go about using it for lead generation.

Lead generation using social mediaSocial Media Lead Generation Myth Busters
The first belief that social media doesn’t work for lead generation is usually formed because they tried it once and it did not work.

If they tried and it didn’t work we’ll be able to spot the reason and show them how to fix it in a nano-second.

The second myth belief is founded on something they never even tried, or are somehow convinced that their business is “different” and their customers aren’t social media users.

If they are convinced that their customers aren’t social media users then who are their customers?

Social media users are males and females between the ages 18 and 78. In fact, the fastest growing segment are females over the age of 50!

How To Get Massive Lead Generation Using Social Media

There are only three social media networks you need to use:

  1. Google Plus Local Page
  2. YouTube Channel
  3. Facebook

Did you note that Facebook is #3 on our list? Google Plus and YouTube are often overlooked to your lead generation determent.

So, who of you reading this article does not use Google Plus or YouTube for lead generation?

If you say…”yes, I have a Google Plus Page and map listing”; is it doing you any good or is it actually hurting you?

Hurting you? Yes, if your Google Plus Page and map listing is not claimed and optimized then it could actually be hurting your local small business.

How Much Will Lead Generation Using Social Media Cost?

We are talking about search engine 1st page ranking for Google Plus and YouTube; and perhaps Facebook too.

You could be quoted thousands, maybe even tens of thousands by SEO (search engine optimization) companies with no guaranteed results.

Or, maybe you’re paying a company to send you and your competitors the same leads that YOU have to Chase down – instead of the leads calling you.

We think that sucks. You, the local small business owner are doing all the work and taking all the risk for the enormous time their services take to actually work, if they can keep up with the constant search engine algorithm changes such as Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, etc.

We Believe In Pay For Performance Lead Generation

Lead Generation with a pay for performance planLets face it, being on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo will help you get more visibility, but…

What you really want is your phone to ring and people to buy from you!

It is about leads, leads and more qualified leads; exclusive leads calling you.

We Get Your Phone To Ring From Qualified Leads Wanting To Buy What You Sell.

You pay us an amount you think is fair for every phone call we generate for you – only after the qualified lead calls you.

Plus, we will only work with one business type in a geographical area.

Fair enough?

Call Greg Cook at 866-443-1629 to begin getting more qualified leads calling you everyday.

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We want to know…will our qualified leads be calling you, or your competition?

Lead generation using social media will be huge in 2014.



P.S. There are always do-it-yourself types, so we’ve created some instant downloadable guides to help you do it right:

Lead generation using Facebook

Lead Generation using YouTube

Leads using Google Plus
We hope you enjoy our lead generation using social media services or handbooks.



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