Google My Business Maps Marketing

Google My Business maps marketing is the quickest and most effective way for local small businesses to get listed on the first page of Google.

Being listed on the first page of Google is priceless in terms of getting more phone calls, more foot traffic and having a profitable & successful local business.

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What does an optimized Google My Business Map listing mean to you?
(Or, put another way, why does it matter that local business owners get found online?)

  1. You are going to get seen when people are searching for your product or services.
  2. People are going to call you or visit you because they found you Google maps.
  3. You are going to receive more qualified phone leads.
  4. More foot traffic will be walking through your doors.
  5. Your business will make more sales.

Google My Business Maps Marketing

Still, we find holdouts to Google Maps Marketing. Some local small business owners don’t think they need to claim and optimize their Google My Business maps listing.

More often than not, the business owner just isn’t aware that a Google My Business maps listing is there that needs to be claimed and optimized. An unclaimed listing can be claimed improperly by a competitor. So, please don’t let your Google My Business listing go unclaimed. Get our Free Report ==>

Google My Business Maps Marketing vs. Yellow Pages

When was the last time you cracked open a Yellow Pages book to find a local business?

Even businesses looking for professional services or vendors don’t turn to the Yellow Pages. Consider for a moment the volumes of reference books you used to see on suppliers counters and at auto parts stores. They are gone. They no longer exist.

Everything has become digital, including the way consumers, business owners, and manufacturers look up and search for products and services.

Isn’t it time your local business was found on the first page of Google?

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Google My Business Maps Marketing vs. Search Engine Optimization

Most business owners want to know how to get their website listed higher on Google.

The answer to how to rank a business website higher in the search engines is lengthy and complicated.

What is less complicated is how to claim, optimize and rank their Google created Google My Business map listing. Note: Google changed the name of the automated business listing page from Google Plus Local to Google My Business in June of 2014.

A local business website can be attached to the Google My Business maps listing so that when the business listing in the maps section of Google is clicked, the viewer is taken to the business’s website.

Getting Started With Google My Business Maps Marketing

To reap the rewards of Google+, merchants must begin by optimizing their profiles. For starters, they need to select the “Local Business or Place” category when creating their business profiles, as this will allow their brick-and-mortar locations to show up on Google Maps. Once the location is verified, it is crucial that a merchant fills out every field on the profile, including contact information, website address, hours of operation and business description. It is also important to add categories to the page, as relevant categories will ensure that the business shows up in appropriate search results.

Setting up a Google My Business map Local page, however, is just the beginning of establishing a business presence on the social network. Once pages are created, merchants need to start posting content on a regular basis to help grow their audience base. Similar to social networks like Facebook and Twitter, business owners should aim to post a variety of content that is engaging and tailored to their audience’s interests.

Embracing Google Plus

On the surface Google+ seems like a social wasteland that is scattered with random and inconsistent content, leading many local businesses to quickly abandon their efforts or ignore the social network altogether. But despite Google+’s lack of activity, the social network is actually more important to a business’s digital strategy than some of social’s biggest powerhouses.

In fact, having a Google+ profile can help local businesses strengthen their visibility in Google Search. For example, branded searches trigger a company’s Google+ profile (and the latest post on the network) to show in the right-hand column of the search results. For this reason and others, overlooking the influence Google+ can have on a company’s visibility is a huge mistake.
source – July 2014 Website Magazine article

Local Google My Business Maps Marketing Facts

In a May 2014 Google Report “Understanding Consumers’ Local Search Behavior”, Google found that consumers search online using their location and proximity to their location in mind. This study revealed that four out of five consumers use search engines to find local information. Google was used approximately 70% of the time with Bing second at 19% of user searches.  Interestingly, Facebook ranked fourth behind YouTube at number three.

Google Maps Marketing

May 2014 Google Report “Understanding Consumers’ Local Search Behavior”

Here is the most important takeaway for local small businesses from this study. Fifty percent (50%) of consumers who do local searches on their smartphones will visit the stores within one day!

Thirty-four percent (34%) of consumers who do local searches on their computer, laptop or tablet will likewise visit the stores within one day.

Google My Business Maps Marketing Tip – If your business website is attached to your Google Plus business listing, you will want to make sure it is “mobile responsive”.

Mobile responsive means the website will automatically adjust to the different mobile devices. This lets people read your website without having to zoom or scroll sideways.

Wrap Up and Recommendations
As the facts reveal, getting found on Google My Business local maps listing is critical to a local business success.

Take the steps today to claim and optimize your local map listing not only on Google but also on the other major search engine, Bing Business Listings.

Don’t leave getting found online by consumers searching for the product and services you sell to chance.

Click “local SEO rates” to get started with your Google My Business Maps Marketing strategy.

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