Facebook marketing for small businessFacebook marketing for small business is no longer an option.

To survive and compete in your local market you must have an active Facebook business page.

An active Facebook business page means you have interesting posts that are engaging, entertaining and educational.

Active means you have at least five posts per week.

It does not mean you only post asking people to buy from you.

If all you post are advertisement posts you won’t get the engagement you expect. That type of tactic will lead to failure.

Here is the biggest problem small business owners face:

  1. Time and knowing what to post

The second issue small business owners believe they have:

  1. Money to pay someone to do Facebook marketing for them

Time & Money For Facebook Marketing

You’ve heard the old adage; you have to spend money to make money.

It’s true!

Here is a Facebook marketing secret – It is inexpensive and effective.

It works because you are engaging your customers and prospects with your posts.

You are having a conversation and they like, share and comment when you connect with them.

How To Get Started On Facebook

There are two ways – DIY or hire us.

Want to DIY? Go here.

Want us to do your Facebook marketing?

You have two choices:

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