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We are a leading SEO Firm based in Akron Ohio that goes the extra step by also positioning you as the recognized expert in your field.

Our SEO Firm based in Akron Ohio will get local business found online everywhere people are searching.

SEO Firm Akron Ohio

Our approach is unique (and better) because we combine effective and affordable local search engine optimization strategies with our powerful services of positioning you as the recognized local expert in your field.

Combining these two marketing strategies together not only increases your online visibility but gives the customer a great reason to choose your services or store over your competitors.

Everyone wants to do business with the expert.

We take that greatly misunderstood online marketing strategy called SEO and make it actually work to drive new leads and sales…at a price you can afford.

Let’s Talk Local SEO Rates

We break our online visibility SEO rates to get your business listed in the Google My Business map listing section plus, rank your website on the first page of Google while promoting your business with an online video commercial into three categories:

  1. Small local business with moderate competition – $500 to $750 per month.
  2. Local professionals (medical, legal & financial) – $750 to $1,000 per month.
  3. Businesses with a regional or nationwide presence – $1,500 or more per month to scale your online visibility.

Our organic SEO packages help people find your business online by boosting your online visibility and position you as the authority.

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Our proven SEO methodology, our packages boost search rankings, drive foot traffic to your website and business, and generates more leads for your local business.

Now, let’s get the elephant out of the room…There are other SEO Firms that say they can do your search engine optimization for less than $500 per month.

Those companies will only do content marketing which is typically one article per month on your website. It will work if you are willing to wait years to start seeing higher rankings. They may also do gray-hat strategies that could get your site banned or penalized by Google. That would be a very bad thing to happen.

Improve Your  Online Visibility – you can go cheap and see No results
Or,  Do It Right and Get More Calls and Make More Sales

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What is Local Search Engine Optimization?

Here are the three aspects of SEO we will discuss:

  1. What is Local Search Engine Optimization
  2. Why Should You Care
  3. What Steps Can You Take

As the top local Expert SEO company, there are two aspects of Search engine optimization that we fix; on-site and off-site factors.

  1. On-site SEO is the process of fixing errors on your website that is hurting the ability of the individual pages and posts on your site to rank higher in the six major search engines.These are normally program coding issues and include important factors such as:
    • Page load speed which needs to be under 2 seconds to rank on Google and under 4 seconds to avoid viewer abandonment
    • The responsiveness of the website to be easily readable on tablets and mobile phones
    • The use of licensed and minimized images
    • The efficiency of the CSS and Javascripting

    You can (and should) test your website’s speed SEO score by going to:

    P.S. You want a double A score. Anything less will mean you have to spend more money and wait longer to rank higher.

    But, on-site SEO also includes your content quality and internal link structure.

    Duplicate content is the biggest offender for most sites. Your call to action sentence or paragraph will be where you get most duplicate content penalties.

    Additionally, set your legal and privacy policy pages to rel=”noindex” as they provide no value in the search engine rankings.

    With the latest Panda algorithm update from Google, the need to theme your content around latent semantic keywords which search engines capture from each individual website page to create and latent semantic index or LSI for short.

    In a simplistic explanation, latent semantic keywords “relate to” and are synonymous to the main topic and the resulting compiled LSI is then compared to the search engines to the title and title tags (paragraph headers) of the page or post it is indexing.

    A poor LSI score will prevent that individual web page or post from being able to rank high in the search engines and thus not seen online by searchers.

    Many website pages are written to try and rank for a certain term or keyword. This often leads to “keyword stuffing” instead of a well-rounded LSI appropriate web page.

    A web page should be written around a “theme” of different keywords similar to and synonymous to the main keyword to pass this Panda penalty.

    If you want to get your geek on, you can read more at http://lsa.colorado.edu/papers/JASIS.lsi.90.pdf

    Your website’s internal link structure is where you develop a keyword rich theme about your site.

    By linking to individual pages and posts via a keyword hyperlink from other internal website pages and posts tells the search engines the page linked to is important for that keyword or keyword phrase.

    You want to use multiple semantic keyword variations to hyperlink to an individual page or post to avoid another Google penalty called Penguin.

    Penguin looks for “unnatural” links which are abused by webmasters and many SEO companies to try and rank a page high in the search engine for a particular keyword.

    Penguin normally applies only to off-site SEO, but this often overlooked feature of the penalty.

    On-site and off-site SEO are NOT stand-alone concepts.

    So, let’s go back to unpack the “unnatural” links concept.

    In days past one could simply rank a page for a keyword by massively building backlinks (hyperlinks from other websites to your web page) with the main keyword.

    This process would get you ranked on the first page of the search engine as long as you were building more backlinks then the listings ranked above you.

    Cool concept and it made SEO companies an incredible amount of easy money…at the expense of the small business owner.

    These massive keyword rich backlinks are not a natural way someone would normally link to another page they found of interest or was relevant to the topic being discussed on the web page or post.

    So, Google concluded that this type of massive backlinking with a large number of inbound links using the same keyword or keyword phrase was “unnatural”.

    This is a blatant violation of the Google search engine listing terms and conditions.

    The Panda algorithm penalty was thus created by Google to locate and penalize the websites using this form of off-site SEO.

    What does this have to do with on-site SEO and internal link structure, you may be asking.

    Linking internally from one web page to another using keyword rich hyperlinks is a perfectly “natural” process to websites that Google considers to be authority sites. Think WebMD, Wikipedia, Forbes, etc.

    Using on-site internal keyword rich hyperlinks lets you build these important links that the search engines use to recognize a web page or post in conjunction with the compiled LSI for display in the search engine when people are searching for those keyword phrases.

    With the Panda penalties, you can’t use external keyword rich inbound links to rank your website, web page or post without incurring the penalty.

    There is now a new technique and strategy for off-site SEO.

  2. Off-Site SEO is the process of building visibility, relevance, and authority for your website and pages.

    Off-site SEO is still 70% of what needs to get done to get your site, page or post on the first page of Google for multiple keyword phrases.

    It is what gets you found when people are searching for the product or services you provide.

    This marketing function is all about getting quality backlinks to the page or post you want to on the first page of the search engines.

    We emphasize the word quality because Panda looks at who is linking to your page, and at their reputation online.

    Not all links are created equal.  Backlinks are considered an “endorsement” and “recommendation” and thus should not be taken lightly. There are companies and services widely available that will sell you 1,000 or more backlinks for only $5 dollars.  They will even claim that these backlinks are of high quality, high PR rank and even proven to work.

    A website with a poor reputation linking to your site passes that bad reputation onto you.

    The search engines will see these mass poor quality links all of sudden coming to your site as rank spamming and WHAM, you get hit with a penalty.

    As you see, who you have backlink to your website is vitally important and can hurt you rather than boosting your webpage’s authority.

Using Proper Backlink StructureA backlink is an inbound link from an external online property other than your website.The best type of backlink is one that uses:

  • Your website or web page URL
  • The title of the web page or post
  • Generic phrases such as learn more here, click here, read more
  • A keyword or phrase related to the page’s theme (but not the main keyword) that isn’t used as an internal link on the website

DIY SEO Steps You Can Take

Build online properties that link to your website, pages, and posts that you have 100% control over:

Competitor Smashing SEO Steps You Can Take

Really boost your presence online and get found EVERYWHERE people are looking for the product or services you sell:

  • Call our Local SEO firm founder and local search engine optimization expert Greg Cook at 866-443-1629 to learn more about building a personalized and safe strategy with backlinks from relevant industry vertical authority sources that will meet, and often exceed, your search engine ranking goals.

Search engine optimization strategies constantly change according to search engine algorithm updates. This shouldn’t scare you away from using the internet to generate leads and new business sales.

Local SEO Firm based in Akron Ohio – Providing search engine optimization services for local businesses across America.

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